4. Malabar Hill

The view of Bombay from Malabar Hill is enchanting. Within your sight you have its great variety. On one side you see the dense greenery of palms and other trees. Dotted amongst them are neat bungalows and buildings. Turn and you see long never-ending roads. Turn again and you have the sea before you. Along with the massive buildings that rise in the Fort area, you see the Rajabai Tower with its clock, St Thomas Church, the chimneys of textile mills, the last point of Colaba with its temple, the serpentine bends of railway tracks, harbours and ships. It is a vista that gives you ease, making you momentarily forget hunger and thirst. There is another enchanting spot like Malabar Hill from where you see a similar view. This is the Bhandarwada Reservoir in Mazgaon.