5. Street Life in Other Parts

A casual stroller has much to catch his eye as he walks down the streets of Bombay. Business transactions happen everywhere. Shops are being opened, money is being given and taken, quarrels ensue when the right amounts are not paid. Free-spirited souls sing lustily as the walk about. Somewhere a couple of men have got into a fight. A crowd has surrounded them to watch the fun. Policemen step in and whisk the pair off while children cheer and jeer. Some people are handing out advertisements for plays while others are engaged in lively banter. Sanke charmers and jugglers are performing here and there with hundreds of people watching the show. Men are gathered around paan shops chewing on paan and betel nut. Others have walked away smoking bidis. People are busy entertaining themselves in these diverse ways. One is not surprised then if a newcomer to the city is mesmerized by the sights he sees on its streets.